by willa nasatir

ann-sofie back

i've always loved this shirt (loved this collection... nvm, love a-sb). i begged a japanese on-line shop to sell this to me (they only ship in japan), but i didn't get a response... should've typed it in japanese. i'm not one to d.i.y., but i'd like to try... now, where did that lace thong go...


bernhard willhelm

these boots are finally on sale at barney's... they're much cuter on. just imagine the crepe being dirty...


ye-rin mok

outtakes from mike mill's apt shots for apartamento magazine


-gnarls barkley directed by wendy morgan-

i want to go where they're going.
happy face!


black & white

here's a preview of the very first show at the gallery at space15twenty. pls. come out on 11/23rd for the opening reception. everyone is encouraged to wear black & white :)



olfactory sensation 2

six scents series one

i'm particulary drawn to "the spirit of wood" by cosmic wonder...

“The inspiration for this fragrance comes from Cosmic Wonder Light Source’s nature oriented fashion collection. Inspired by the designers memory of a scent experienced during a walk through an eucalyptus forest, a selection of fresh green top notes were combined with fig leaves and enlightened by green grass playing with fresh cut cypress. The idea was to create a rough and natural fragrance, using a lot of essential oils with a focus on the woody notes such as vetiver and hinoki” - Philippe Paparella-Paris, Perfumer
Ingredients: Green Grass, Fig Leaves, Cypress, Elemi, Coriander, Cedar wood, Vetiver, Hinoki, White Amber

heck, i want them all!



impulse buy

I've been brainwashed to impulsively buy this parasol by the Black Lace Society which, of course, is led by Miuccia. As soon as I walked out of the store, I realized I won't be using it. I gave it to my mom... she's well aware of this trend.

*the one i bought has a black painted handle... oh, and the collage is from nymag



fall back

I got the & design icon watch to get the look of the miyake watch, but it broke on me twice. I might have to invest... or maybe I'll be nice, so Santa can hook me up.

& design icon watch

Issey Miyake Twelve Watch

<3 back

my first autumn sweater '08