Who needs a RESET button, tania, when someone's already pressed your FOREVER AND EVER button?

Who, me?
The Universe



clayton patterson

Screened an amazing documentary at work tonight about Clayton Patterson called "Captured" by Ben "King" Solomon and Dan Levin.

(Ben and Clayton Patterson)
Clayton makes such rad embroidery on hats and jacket (as seen on the hats).


olfactory sensation: yohji

Introduced: 1996
Designer: Yohji Yamamoto
Scent: A scent of greens and fresh fruits with low notes of vanilla, sandalwood , coumarin and musk

too bad it's discontinued... found one from a message board :)

i need to sleep...

robert clergerie

can't wait for fall...

(via joan shepp)

MMM S/S '04

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thanks universe...

Hold your ponies, tania! Everything you've ever dreamed of, lies on the path you're now on.

Hi Ho Silver,
The Universe


a few of my fav things...

a few things i'd like to have, hah...

happy victims

Finally got this book by Kyoichi Tsuzuki... If I had the means, I'd be MMM's happiest victim...