for kiles

(the black, of course)


Cheung Lik Bags


Yukimi Nagano (Little Dragon)

so gorgeous...

thanks santa!

i wasn't sure at first, but after wearing them around the house, i can say they are perfect. they'll even be better after enough wear and abuse.

lotta love

nicolette larson


i might have to dig for my shelltoes...

song: madcon - "beggin"

olfactory sensation 3: shigenobu twilight

Dear Santa,

This one, too please.

Anicka Yi & Maggie Peng
Shigenobu Twilight
This is the debut limited edition handcrafted scent by NY artist Anicka Yi and architect Maggie Peng. The fragrance is inspired by the Fusako Shigenobu, former leader of the Japanese Red Army, who was believed to be in exile in Lebanon for many years after orchestrating some of the group's most political statements. Yi and Peng have chosen cedar wood as a central theme of this fragrance's narrative, as cedar is highly regarded in Lebanon as a national emblem. The scent uses three different kinds of cedar wood as its base note, along with violet leaf and nutty heart notes, and top notes of yuzu, shiso leaf, and black pepper. The packaging for this hand-distilled fragrance is made of raw cedar wood, each one uniquely hand-cut in architectural geometry, encasing a 10ml glass bottle of liquid within.

via www.oogaboogastore.com


hello from the space

1.poster by aurel schmidt.
3.&4.view of the courtyard space from the balcony



Aurel Schmidt



ok last, i got this cheap monday snood today... i'm sure it doesn't look right because of my big hair...

back to thrift

i've a renewed faith in thrifting...

vintage coach bag: i've yelled at my mom numerous times for thinking of buying a coach bag... i just want a basic black small bag... and it's vintage? (excuse the crazy background)

light trench-y coat: coincidentally the tag and the button (by tim barber) says "All That Jazz"... cool, right? right??

sweater: i like the leather triangle patches (it's hard to tell from the pic) & it will be cold in Philly.


yukinori maeda

by elein fleiss

my new novelty

The "lichtscheibe" is a fascinating little illustration of colour theory: rotate the discs in their primary colours (red, blue and yellow) and combine them with each other to create the secondary colours (purple, orange and green). The suction cup allows you to fix the discs to a window and thus catch and play with the light coming from outside.

another version

tim barber: t.v. books

please come out to our second gallery opening! i'll be in philly, but i hope you'll be there... whoever you are.


it's looking real real good! tim has some awesome stuff PLUS PLUS there will be a limited book and poster GIVEAWAY! you musssst!




been watching lots of t.v. lately...


all i want for christmas

i have been obsessing with this shirt since february. why don't i have it yet? i also wonder why the u.s. stockists didn't stock this?